A list of initiatives

I have created/worked on to improve digital literacy and human development. 


Role: Founder & CEO

Date: Mar 18 - Present


Founded in 2018, Seidea is an online school with a social mission of upskilling 1 million Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) women for careers in cybersecurity by 2030. We offer cybersecurity webinars and courses from industry experts for a membership fee of £12 per month and reinvest 35% of our profits on our community initiatives: Sei-Code, Sei-Policy and Seipod. We are currently running a Virtual Internship Programme with 12 BAME Women.

Current Impact: 556 BAME women have been taught cybersecurity skills.


Role: Founder & CEO

Date: Feb 19 - Present


Founded in 2019, Seinfo is a social learning platform that equips women and young people with digital skills needed for economic empowerment. The platform allows users to create an account, add to the digital library and converse with other users.The platform has an ambitious aim to have country representatives in every African nation to ensure that as we become more technologically advanced, Africa is not left behind.

Current Impact: 58 African women and youth have been taught digital skills.


Date: Mar 18 - Present


Sei-Code is an empowerment project sponsored by Google and managed by Seidea, which teaches BAME girls aged 9-16 how to code and build up their confidence through animated storytelling. Using Scratch, Google CS-First club introduces students to programming through fun video game development. The project sole mission is to raise the aspirations of BAME Girls globally.

Current Impact: 49 BAME Girls (9-16) have successfully completed the programme.  


Date: Nov 18 - Dec 2020


Birthed out of UN Women #16DaysOfActivism, Sei-Policy is an annual survey which aims to fill in the data gap on cyber violence against women. Focusing on BAME women in the UK and Women in Nigeria. 

The project aims to drive a vital change in practice and policy making at all levels through our advocacy, experience, and knowledge of the realities (struggles and sufferings) of Cyber violence towards BAME Women. 

NGA Report: https://bit.ly/32mDCGs

UK Report: https://bit.ly/2JvfnhL


Date: Nov 2018


Founded Excel-Her, a 2-hour workshop on Microsoft Excel for BAME Females aged 35+, sponsored by Seidea and Kingdom Harvest Church. The aim of the event is to help with the digital gap which often leaves older women behind as technology advances. The workshop is targeted to train 30 women on basic Microsoft Excel skills, which can in turn aid their career progression.  


Key Achievement: 12 BAME Women (35+) successfully completed Microsoft Excel training.


Date: Jan - Dec 2017


Worked as a Digital Consultant and Trainer on a project titled PRODEST, which was an EU-funded project to develop a methodology and tools for the development of SIE (Sense of Initiative and Entrepreneurship) in young people through storytelling. This involved interviewing 15 entrepreneurs, creating a mini-documentary, developed a curriculum plan and delivering the lessons to learned to interviewees.


Key Achievement: Working in partnership with SOAS University, I piloted the materials and methodology to 120 individuals.


Date: Oct 16 - Jul 17


Selected to take part in the Uprising 2016-17 Leadership Programme, which is a nine-month, part-time, skills and knowledge programme, which includes the design and delivery of a social action campaign.

I worked with a group of UpRising Fellows to form an organisation called GKSTP. The organisation aims to tackle sexual harassment towards women living in London through research and partnerships with various women institutes in London.  


Date: Jun-Jul 2016


Worked on the Changing Lives programme in Morocco (Sefrou), funded by Coventry University. The project entailed me; meeting local artisans and working with them on ideas to improve and enhance their businesses, tackling unemployment by teaching youth and widows in Sefrou job and career skills. I also interviewed and documented experiences of vulnerable groups such as African Migrants in Morocco and participated in a Citizen Report Exhibition collaboration with Culture Vulture Fez, in which my photo project was featured in. 


Date: Aug - Dec 2015


Founded a microfinance women organisation in Bungkho, Uganda with Claire Hoyland and Mercy Kayodi to help improve the lives of elderly women and teenage mothers.


This stemmed from the harsh realities we saw both groups were faced with. The organisation did not only focus on microfinance but also acted as a skills sharing group to enable entrepreneurship and in turn economic empowerment for the women.



Date: Jun - Sep 2015


Worked as a Business Consultant at Balloon Ventures, which was a work placement, sponsored by the Department for International Development (DFID) in Uganda (Mbale). My role entailed facilitating group sessions for local entrepreneurs in the informal economy, training them on planning and implementation of small-scale improvement projects at the village and urban level. 


Key Achievement:  100% success rate as all entrepreneurs I worked with obtained full funding for their respective businesses.


Date: Sep - Dec 2014


I was part of the team that set up the world’s first public health information service inside the WhatsApp platform.


Tackling fake news, It provided content in text, images and audio to 16,000 users in West Africa from the BBC World Service as well as through partners Unicef, World Health Organisation, World Food Programme and the Centre for Disease Control.  


Date: Jun - Sep 2013

Tackling knife crime in London, STreets of peace is a promotion of peace but not through a hard-hitting political stance, but through the aesthetics of art and positivity. The organisation created music competitions in key local areas. My role as a personal assistant to the Co-founder entailed me conducting meetings with key partners, performing administrative tasks and acting as a point of contact to the artists and young people. I was able to use my digital skills to create the organisation's blog to promote our ethos and mission. 

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